Reining/Horsemanship clinic Nov 27th

Abit late in this update, but the Saturday after Thanksgiving Pie and I, Paul and Lilly, and Casey treked out to Woodbine to Terri Fox’s place for a clinic.

Terri has helped me tremendously with not just Pie, but Lena and Lilly as well. She is such a phenomenal horsewoman and I love riding with her. 🙂

This clinic also presented a fun opportunity to meet some facebook friends in person!

Pie was..alittle full of say the least. I consider myself lucky that she doesnt “act up” as in bucking or doing any type of nonsense when she is fresh..she is simply “buzzy”..and this adventure, she was espc. excited to be out in a very new place with lots of new horses. Add onto that it was kind of crisp in the AM..

She did well enough, we did alot of work on getting her back to “earth” so to speak, before we had to leave after lunch. It was definantly a good experience for her.

Pie and I backing off seat

Casey decided he wanted to try standing on Pie today..he did pretty well and Pie was a trooper about it.

Its always neat how I get remotivated to ride after these clinics..despite cold weather and darkness, Ive been trying to ride as much as possible and usually spend the majority of the weekend on her while I teach lessons..

thanks to Kim and Cynthia for organizing this clinic, it was alot of fun meeting you all and participating..special thanks to Terri for her kind guidance!

Until next time….:)


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