Hot Hot Hot-What Pie’s Been Doin’

Well, if you are lucky enough to not be in our general area, you may not know it, but here in Texas we have experienced 15 days straight of 100 plus degrees temperatures! Makes it hard to do anything serious outside..nevertheless, we have been trying to keep cool and keep busy.

Pie has been spending time out in our pasture..which is irrigated from our hayfield, so, while we are experiencing a very very bad drought, I am thankful for our irrigation!

Her buddy is my 2 year old Quarter Horse filly, Delilah. Delilah is sired by Big Chex to Cash. If you know reiners, or collect Breyer Model horses, you probably know who he is! 🙂 It is quite humerus to watch them interact, as Pie defiantly rules the roost..and she is significantly shorter then Delilah is..which adds to their comedy act.

We did attend a horsemanship clinic this past weekend, the 11th of June, for exposure and experience..both of which a green pony can never get enough of.

Pie in my premier parking spot, under the trees!

Pie was excellent, especially considering she hadn’t been ridden in about a month due to my schedule. She, being Pie, drew alot of attention from everyone at the clinic. I got to explain to many of the kids who attended and the adults her breed and it’s history. Many knew and had read the book, which I love to hear. It seems like some people I meet have never read Misty of Chincoteague. That was required reading for me when I was a child!

Pie relaxing during lunch break

the best part of a clinic though, is coming home and getting a good roll in the dust..THAT is pony heaven, can you tell?

We are working towards a busy July. Pie’s first horseshow is planned, along with a trip to visit the children at Christ Academy, with Kate the painting Border Collie, on July 15th.

Other events include the Breed Expo again in October, an Supreme Trail Challenge and Stock Horse Versatility clinic in September..along with another horsemanship clinic and reining clinic..We’ll be back to tell you all about it!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vickie soejoto
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 19:37:54

    oh yes, hot hot hot! great pics on the site, glad to see some one doing something in the heat. we are just dragging around here, long siestas midday. we will see you and pie at the expo!


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