Christ Academy Visit

On Friday, July 15th, Pie was invited to visit the Christ Academy Summer Camp, as a finale to their “Pioneer Week”. What a great way for the kids to end this “unit”!

I gave my presentation on Chincoteague, the ponies and of course, Misty and Marguerite Henry. The kids seemed to really enjoy learning. None of them had ever even been to Virginia before!

Then we all went outside and they got to meet Pie. Pie was oblidged to get on her stool and perform some of her tricks. The kids got a kick out of her answering “yes” when I asked her if she enjoyed meeting them. 🙂

The highlight of the kids’ day was getting to pet Pie as I walked her down the line. Many of these children have interacted with horses before, but never a chincoteague pony before, which made this experience special for alot of them.

My personal highlight was Pie and a young autistic boy. He was scared of Pie, but wanted to pet her. After all the other kids went inside, he and his aid waited outside. I encouraged him to pet Pie, but he refused. I then loaded Pie up and walked inside to gather up my posters. As I walked out, his aid was holding him up to the trailer, as he reached thru the slats and was petting Pie as she munched on hay. He had a huge smile on his face. 🙂

Made my day…

Pie doesn’t belong to just me, she belongs to all the people who she meets. There is something truly special about this pony..:)

We have another presentation coming up next week for a local horse summer camp! Stay tuned for pictures!


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  1. Dana Goff
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 21:48:50


    Just wanted to say it is wonderful work that you and Pie are doing. Showing kids the wonderful world of animals is very special – and so are you and Pie.


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