Day Z Farms Horse Camp

I feel sometimes I need to get Pie her own day planner to keep track of all her functions!

Fresh off of our summer camp presentation 2 weeks ago at Christ Academy, we went just a bit down the road to Day Z Farms and did a small presentation for the Summer Horse Camp!

Despite the heat, we had clouds that hung around for a good portion of the presentation..which kept it somewhat bearable.

A few of the girls had ready Misty, Stormy or Sea Star, so it was neat for them to put real people, places and ponies to the stories.
The girls then got to meet Pie, who was so happy to get off the trailer and be “part of the action”. She willingly showed off her tricks while we went over some Chincoteague pony traits and talked abit about Pie herself, her presentations and her being trained as a reining horse.

Then the girls got to each sit on Pie while she stood on her stool, a very special treat for all of them.

They all got to meet her as well, which she thoroughly enjoyed, as she always does..lots of mane braiding and scratching. 🙂

I was told their favorite part was when Pie gave me a kiss. 🙂

Casey also got to participate by showcasing Pie’s quietness.

Afterwards, we had a trivia game of sorts..up for grabs was a copy of Misty of Chincoteague!

It was an elimination type game and the winner won by answering correctly “who wrote Misty of Chincoteague?” ( was Marguerite Henry!)

What a great day sharing Pie, Misty and Chincoteague with others!


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