Helping out-Extreme Mutt Makeover

Sunday, we had some visitors at the ranch. Our friend, Pam Allen, was chosen as a trainer in the Extreme Mutt Makeover. If you know horses, you’ve heard of the Supreme Mustang Makeover, where trainers draw a random mustang and have a certain amount of time to work with the horse, before competing in a competition to showcase what these horses have learned.

Well, the Mutt Makeover operates on the same premise..bring light to the fact shelters DO contain good dogs. Pam’s dog was a year old German Shepherd named Loki.

I got to meet Loki afew weeks ago during the Pet Appreciation Event at Tractor Supply..he’s a great dog.

Because the Mutt Makeover is held in Fort Worth, in conjunction with the Mustang Makeover, the dogs will see horses. Horses can be very interesting to some dogs..along with everything else to do with manure..;)

Sunday morning Pam, Loki and our other friend Katrena came out and Pie got to help introduce Loki to horses. Loki did very well and listened to Pam..and Pie took her role seriously. 🙂

Here is Pie, myself, Pam and Loki

Here I am greeting Loki while holding Pie..Loki did great!

and walking back up to the house

Yes, it was hotter then Hades that you can tell by the looks on everyone’s faces!

If you are like me and wholeheartedly support rescue and shelter pups (remember, my Kate and Fletcher came from shelters and rescues!) go to Facebook and “Like” Loki’s will help him on his quest to be the Extreme Mutt with the most Likes on his page, which would earn the shelter he came from $500! Loki’s Facebook There is also a video on his page of Pie being ridden while Loki watches..:)

We were more then happy to help and be part of “Team Loki” and I am looking forward to seeing Pam and Loki compete in mid-September (sorry Pie, you’ll have to be content with me giving you a play by play!)



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