Pie’s stop progression

I’ve decided to dedicate an entry to explaining a bit more about stopping..

Most folks know, the signature mark of a reining horse..outside of maybe the turnarounds (spins) is the sliding stop.

(myself and my Quarter Horse mare, Lena, in 2007)

Many people are mystified by how this maneuver is taught. In actuality, the stop is, basically, a just correct stop, meaning the horse is stopping on his hind end. This is the proper way to stop, as it allows the horse..ANY horse..to be balanced back on their rear and ready for the next movement after the stop.

a good stopping horse first must be conformational able to do so. For example, “post hocked” horses tend to physically not be able to stop well, due to there being too little angle to their hocks.

With a reining horse, the stop is taken one step further. A green horse is asked to stop with “the word” (Whoa) and a shift in body. Rein pressure is used should the horse not stop. Once stopped, the horse is backed (correctly) to re-iterate the stop and the horse needing to get his rear under him.

the result of a correct stop..the slide!

length of the slide is related to speed and how well the horse stops..along with ground and of course, shoes. Reining horses wear special shoes called “plates” or “slideplates”..which are wide and smooth. they allow the horse;s hooves to slide easily thru the dirt, which in turn leads to less jarring.

Pie is about at this point. πŸ™‚

I can stop her using seat and voice(whoa) with no pulling on the reins. She also is wearing what we call “baby sliders”..they arent as wide or long as regular plates. They allow her to “feel” a slide without “scaring” her.

This is a short video of Pie stopping last weekend.

The next level we will aim for is more lightness in the front end, which will essentially allow her to be “free-er” when she stops and she will be able to walk further..and then more speed is added. πŸ™‚ if more speed is added BEFORE she becomes more light, she will become “bracey” with her front end..and her stops will become “hops”..very undeseriable!

Some upcoming reminders!

-October 8th Pie and Kate the painting border collie will be Park Place Christian Church in Wichita Falls for their second annual Blessing of the Animals

-October 15th Pie will be representing the chincoteague breed during the WCEHC’s Horse Expo in Wichita Falls. Kate will be there too. This is FREE, come by, say hi..we’ll be available for pictures too! Pie will be performing a freestyle pattern too!

-October 22nd Pie will be at the Bluebonnet Equine Expo in Austin, again, representing the chincoteague pony breed. Kate will be there too!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vickie Soejoto
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 03:38:28

    Good job Pie!! That is a nice explanation of a basic reining move! I wish we had the old tapes of Kelly’s Tasha, they say she would slide half way across the arena at OKC. Looking forward to the Expo, Eve is, of course, rushing to put on winter coat so I will have to pull out the clippers. I hope to have it together a bit more this year.


  2. Michelle
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 16:06:10

    Enjoyed this information very much. Pie looks great.
    Hope the Blessing of the Animals event went well! Looking forward to seeing the Horse Expo!!


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