Competitive Trail Clinic

WE braved the windy, potentialy stormy day to participate in a Competitive Trail Clinic today, sponsered by National Competitive Trail Horse Assoc, our clinician was Irene Henry, NCTHA President and Supreme Trail Challenge champion in 2009.

Competitive Trail is ridden over marked trail, with various obstacles along the way. Each obstacle is judged too!

Chincoteague Ponies have been long used on the trail..their surefootedness and easy going demenor are extremly desirable.

Both Pie and Beebe really did well..both of their big “shake ups” occured with the log drag..but after some patient encouragment, they both made big improvements. We also worked on some sidepassing obstacles, mailboxes, backing obstacles, tarps and bridges. We all had a great time and this is something Id like to continue to do with Pie. We have lots of “homework”….

Pictures below of us in action (Thanks Cryssy, my photographer today!)


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