Texas-Oklahoma Fair Trail Clinic

Yes, we are still kicking down here in Texas! It has been hot..and DRY..although not as hot as last year..but I have discovered, me personally, I am not “good” with heat anymore. The rides Pie and I have done have been early in the morning!

On September 12th, I trailered both Pie and Beebe up to our big Ag Center to participate in a Competitive Trail Clinic. I organized this clinic, with the help of a friend of mine Irene Sullivan, president of NCTHA (National Competitive Trail Horse Assoc.).

Some will remember we hosted the first NCTHA clinic back in April and had a GREAT time! This clinic, we had some new faces and some old faces..just what we like to see! The added bonus was, AQHA co-sponsered the clinic and sent us all sorts of GOODIES to give out!

Irene had some great new obstacles..outside of the normal slicker, mailbox and backing..we also had a “Cowboy curtain”, a teeter totter and a false gate! Each horse at the clinic made huge strides by the end and I think everyone went home with homework!

I did not ride..a friend of mine, Cryssy, rode Pie. Cryssy is a lifelong horsewoman, who is horseless at the moment. She rode Pie beautifuly and did a great job!

Some pictures!

*Casey & Beebe negotiate the “cowboy curtain”..yes those are pool noodles!

Casey and Beebe over the tarp

Friend of ours, Michele, and her wonderful gelding Charlie going over the “half teeter”

Pie and Cryssy “rocking” the full teeter! Could your horse do this?

Cryssy and Pie going thru the “false gate”..more noodles!!!

Casey and Beebe with their ribbon for being the youngest rider..other awards were given for most difficult horse, most persistant rider, best communication and best flying dismount! Yes, we have a good time!

Interested in learning more about Competitive Trail Riding? Some sites to check out!


Texas Trail Challenge


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 23:11:25

    Looks like it was a great time and alot of fun! I like the Cowboy curtain!


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