Blessing of the Animals-2012

October 6th, Pie and I (with Kate!) attended the third annual Blessing of the Animals at Park Place Christian Church. This is the third year for Kate attending and the second time for Pie. Many will remember last year, Pie actually went into the sanctuary, surrounded by people and dogs. She did exceptional! This year, we were asked to do the same. Pie clip clopped over the tile floor onto the sanctuary again this year, stepped on her stool and proceeded to entertain everyone with her exhuberent attitude..:)

I spoke abit about the ponies, the island and Misty..Pie got to perform afew of her tricks too.

The fact Pie can walk into a building, that was not made for such a large animal to get thru, always amazes me…she is such a trusting, easy going pony..I also think she enjoys being the center of attention too..


A reminder!

Pie will be, again, representing the Chincoteague Pony breed during the Texoma Horse Expo in Wichita Falls. Make plans to come out and see us! We will have an informational booth and will be doing a riding demo during the Parade of Breeds starting at noon on October 20th. We will be joined by the Gypsy Horse, Frieisans, Arabians, Peruvian Paso, Tennessee Walking Horse, Mo. Foxtrotter (and Foxtrotter pony!).

Please come by and see us!


Come Take a Ride With Pie!

I  made this video the other when I rode Pie, to be able to share how cool it is to ride this fabulous pony..enjoy!

And of course, Pie had a nice roll in the dirt post bath..

A Helping Hand-The Chincoteague Pony Rescue

A Chincoteague Pony Rescue you ask? these ponies sometimes need help you say? the answer is, unfortunantly yes. No horse breed is immune from neglect or from becoming a victim if their owner falls on bad times. This is where The Chincoteague Pony Rescue steps in to help.

Debbie Ober is the operator of the relatively new CPR and she has experienced no shortage of ponies who need help. Some have come direct from the feedlot and some have been surrenders. No matter their reason for needing help, CPR steps up.

Two of my favorite ponies at the rescue now, Breeze and Clipper

As a breed that is relatively small in number, its refreshing to see an organization that is out to help them. Debbie and her crew do a great job rehabbing and adopting out the ponies..who range from youngsters to older ponies, and all verifiable, chincoteague ponies, many with their actual registrations papers! They are ready and waiting for their new forever home.

They are always looking for donations and of course, if you have decided to add a chincoteague pony to your family, consider the ponies at CPR! Thank you Debbie for all that you do for the Chincoteague Ponies!

Chincoteague Pony Rescue

The Chincoteague Pony Drill Team

The chincoteague pony breed had a very big honor recently, where members of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team were asked to present and perform at the American Youth Horse Symposium (AYHS)..but I am getting ahead of myself..

What is the Chincoteague Pony Drill team?

-A drill team is a group of riders (Ive even seen this done with dogs too!) who perform patterns and manuvers in unisom to music. Despite it looking “easy”, it takes long hours of practice and coordination to acheive a flawless performance.

The Chincoteague Pony Drill team is the only team in the world made entirely of Chincoteague of a kind. Kendy Allen, who owned Misty II, created the drill team in 1996 and is still it’s coach. While the ponies and riders have changed thru the years, the concept has not.

The Chincoteague Pony Drill team has made numerous apperances at equine events..locally and nationally, including Equitana, The Washington International Horse Show, and even rode in the parade for the incoming Virginia governor.  While performing in their own right, they are also ambassadors of sorts for the Chincoteague Pony, showcasing the calm trainability this breed is famous for to the many fans who love them.

Most recently, the CPDT received a HUGE I said above, by being asked to perform at the American Youth Horse Symposium. The members representing the drill team and the chincoteague pony breed were Kerra Johnson with Misty’s Heart of the Storm, Devon Rowan with Teaguer, and Kenneth Allen with Chincoteague Cowboy.

They did the breed proud and the report was, the ponies themselves garnered much attention and praise from the symposium participants. Every person that is shown this breed CAN and WILL do anything that is asked of them, is wonderful press for the whole Chincoteague community..the old saying “the proof is in the pudding” rings can talk or write all they want..its SEEING them actually do it that sticks in people’s minds!

Interested in having the Drill Team perform at an event? contact The Chincoteague Pony Centre.

Fun tid-bit…

Beebe, who lives with Pie at Coyote Creek Ranch, was on the original Chincoteague Pony Drill team at it’s inception..her daughter, Zebie, is now a member..

Zebie, daughter of Beebe, at the 2012 Delaware Horse Expo

Pie gives the chincoteague pony drill time a “high hoof” for the stellar exposure they are giving the breed and big kisses all the way from Texas..WELL DONE Chincoteague Pony Drill Team!

Happy Fourth Birthday Pie!

Today, March 8th, Pie turns FOUR years old! It is still hard for me to beleive she is “only” 4 years old..and that I’ve had her for about 2 1/2 years now! She has definantly taken on a look of maturity..

I am also blessed daily to be able to share my life with this “hooved guardian angel”. 🙂

Normally, we do something fun for her, the day dawned C O L D and no riding time tonight..Pie was OK with that..she got plenty of work moving our cattle this past weekend..and she got her birthday mash..YUM!

Whats in a name???

Whenever we go somewhere I always get funny looks when I tell someone Pie’s registered name. Pie’s “barn” name also has a unique story. Her breeder, Lisa Christian, Called her Moonpie, due to the white streak thru her mane, which looks like a moonpie. (and if you don’t know what a moonpie is, I pity ya..come down to Texas and you will try one, they are a southern delicacy..;) ) I shortened it to Pie evetually.

But her registered name is even more interesting..The Duchess of Lightning. Now, this name encompasses alot, its a “big shoe” to fill..

The Duchess of Lightning was a diving horse that traveled the country during the 1930’s. A diving horse was a unique act in which a horse cantered up a long ramp at a gradual incline. At the top, the horse “dove” off into a deep pool of water. Over time, a rider was added, who made a moving mount right before the horse jumped off. Dr. Carver, a member of Wild Bill’s Western Show created the act and he traveled the country, until finally getting a consistent billing at the world famous Steel Pier in New Jersey.


Many have seen the Disney movie Wild Hearts Cant be Broken..this movie is loosely based on the book A Girl and Five Brave Horses, written by Sonora Webster Carver, the main rider of the diving horses, including The Duchess of Lightning. Sonora is famous for diving 60 feet into a pool of water horseback..even after she went completly blind!

Sonora and an unidentified horse diving 60 feet in atlantic city..(notice the smaller ramp below, which was used during training)

The Duchess of Lightning was described in Sonora’s book as a large, big boned dapple gray mare of draft blood. They originally called her Lightning due to the speed at which she worked and learned. While in Canada one show, a Duchess tried to buy her..Dr. Carver refused, but added “Duchess” onto Lightning’s name in honor of the Duchess’ interest.

The Duchess of Lightning diving with Sonora up

Bear in mind, these horses were not forced to jump. Numerous accounts from the people who rode, trained and cared for these horses attested to this fact..while it may look incrediably scary, the horses doing it were handpicked and weeded out of many, they truly loved what they did.

I have always been facinated by this act, the horses and the riders..and The Duchess of Lightning was my favorite horse of Sonora’s troupe.

My choice of Pie’s registered name was solidified when I considered her sire and dam’s names..

her sire, Lightning of Chincoteague

her dam Denim and Diamonds

Ive always felt that a horse’s name is important..a name should fit the horse, should sound great said in a whisper or over the should cause a person to want to SEE that animal. All my animals names have significant meaning to me too…Pie’s name is extremly special as it encompasses so much, it is all tied together. My vet said it sounds like something a little girl would name her pony…;)..Ive gotten used to the good natured ribbing by now..:)

Wrap Up 2011

Happy New Year to all our followers! It’s been abit since I’ve posted, with the holidays, Pie has taken a well deserved “winter break”, although Pie is not one for “breaks”..she thrives on mental stimulation, so these past few days she has created her own fun by learning how to sneak out of her gate while feeding!

I always take a moment to reflect on the previous year and what we accomplished..2011 was a significant year for Pie, it was her first full year 1. being ridden and 2. actively doing demos and presentations.

Lets take a run down memory lane!

April 2011-Pie and I gave a demo to the Obiedience Training Club of Wichita Falls

just like Misty!

July 2011-

Pie visited both Christ Academy AND Day Z Summer Camp!

October 2011-

We visited Park Place Christian Church for their annual Blessing of the Animals. Pie got to go INSIDE the church and meet everyone!

We also again represented the Chincoteague Pony breed during the WCEHC Breed Expo

November 2011-

We were invited to the PETS Pantry fundrasier

Pie has really come into her own doing these demos, I honestly think she loves doing them and knows what a big responsibility she has, she has not put a hoof wrong doing all this, which is even more impressive considering she is only 3 years old.

Other significant events of 2011

-Pie and I had our story on the front page of our local paper in October

I also won the Gift of the Horse essay contest, winning a prize pack from renowned trick trainer Carol Fletcher, for writing an essay on why I was her biggest fan.

September, Pie attended a SHOT clinic, where she worked a cow for the first time and did GREAT!

Pie also learned how to say “yes” and “shake hooves”.

She also created a special piece with the painting dog Kate to help the Chincoteague Pony Rescue.

A full year to say the least!

2012 I hope will be as successful. Some goals we are shooting for are

-do more presentations (we love those!)

-Work on Pie’s counting with her hooves

-Acheive success using the bosal

-Pie would like to compete at her first Stock Horse of Texas show this year too!

Time will tell…and of course, we will keep all our fans updated on the blog. Thank you to everyone who has followed us via the blog, offered comments and encouragment on the blog or in person. I am so grateful for the support Pie and I have received from all our friends. I am most grateful though for being able to share 2011 with Pie herself. 🙂




P.E.T.S. Pantry Fundraiser

If you know me..or even follow the blog, you know how passionate I am about animals. So when Pie and I (and Kate!) were invited to the second annual P.E.T.S. Pantry fundraiser on November 5th, I of course said yes.

P.E.T.S. stands for Preventing Euthanisia Thru Sterlization. This is a non profit group that offers low cost spaying, neutering and vaccinations in my area. The Pantry is a new endevor that P.E.T.S. is doing. By pairing with Meals on Wheels, they are providing pet food to families in our local area who may not be able to feed their beloved family members, if they are on fixed income or experiencing hard times.

This fundraiser raises money and accepts donations of dog and cat food.

Pie was quite patient on the trailer til her time to come out and perform. This was her first time doing her presentation on grass. Now Pie likes I wasnt sure if I could hold her attention. She stayed super focused and performed very well.

She obliged a hoof shake

And then she met some of the people who saw our presentation..Pie was her usual social self..even though no one had any cookies for her (she did triple check!)

Diane (who bought Kate’s painting she did that day) poses with Pie

Pie gets a kiss…

Makin’ new friends

With the P.E. T.S. Pantry coordinator’s grandson, Elijah. He LOVED Pie so much, he kept trying to take her lead rope from me and walk her off. 🙂

Then Pie shook hands with Diane. I have never had her perform her tricks for anyone but me..and sometimes Casey. Diane asked for a hoofshake..Pie took just a minute and then offered her hoof! I was so proud of her for doing her trick for someone other then me. I am a firm beleiver it shows how well you’ve trained an animal when they perform for someone other then you cueing them.

And Elijah had to shake her hoof too..(yep, I helped with this!)

And, as I mentioned above, Kate painted a unique piece that day, which benefited the P.E.T.S. Pantry.


The Pantry raised over $1000.00 and almost 2000 pounds of pet food that day. I am so proud of both my girls for giving up their Saturday to help this cause!

Newspaper Article-Bringing a Book to Life

Pie makes the front page!

Afew weeks ago I was contacted by our local newspaper, the Times Record News, about Pie, how I got her and what we do together.

The story ran last Thursday, we were on the front page!

Read the article and don’t forget to check out the video too!!!!

Pie’s newspaper article

It’s always great to share Pie with others!

A Pony in the Church

Let me back up abit though!

Saturday, October 8th, Pie, Kate and myself were invited to attend the second annual Blessing of the Animals at Park Place Christian Church in Wichita Falls.

Kate and I attended the first one last year and REALLY enjoyed it. Outside of the actual blessing, there was an animal services “fair”.

The forecast grew into rain..a VERY good chance of it actually. While positively stupendous due to our epic drought, I worried how Pie would be able to come. Kate can be set up inside, but Pie?

The day dawned cloudy, humid..but dry. I loaded up Pie, Kate, all their “stuff” (paintings, stool, cookies..) and headed to the church.

When I got there, I was asked if I thought Pie would go INTO the sanctuary..well, guess you don’t know if you try?

We did a small test run. What Pie had to do was walk thru a double “human” door, into a short foyer, and then a turn into the sanctuary. There was a tarp on the floo(in case of “accidents”!) I had my clicker and treats ready and Pie never missed a beat. she seemed actually quite curious to actually be INSIDE the church.

So, I took her back out to the trailer and waited til we were called for.

It then came time for us to go into the church. Pie never missed a beat. Kids, adults, wheelchairs, dogs all around her and she handled it like a pro. Stepped up on her stool and did all that I asked of her. Her “shake hooves” is getting so good I’d like to add..she is really thinking about “Giving” me her hoof, versus just picking it up.:)

We also gave a short talk on the ponies, the island and Pie herself. Newscrew even took a short video of her to put in their segment for the event later that night…they got her saying “yes”

KFDX Segment

Afterwards, we took some questions and then I walked Pie out…again, good girl among all the hoopla around her. she stayed pretty focused on me. and NO accidents!!!!!!!!!!!

This experience reminded me of when Marguerite Henry would take Misty to schools into the classroom. It was great, as it always is, to share Pie with others.

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